Study on risk factors (predisposing factors) for poor diabetes control during Hajj (1436/2015) in people with diabetes

Gulshad Hasan, Hanan Moabber, Arwa Alyamani, Ahmed Sayeed, Faisal Altatar


Background and Objective: Each year millions of Muslims perform pilgrimage to Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It is particularly stressful during the peak five days, when all rituals have to be performed at specific periods of time at different sites. Poor diabetes control in people with diabetes predisposes to morbidity and increases risk of acute complications. We wanted to see how well their blood glucose control was before coming to Hajj and whether they were aware, about self management of Diabetes and what were reasons for hospital admissions.

Method: We performed an observational prospective study, based on questionnaire. Sixty one patients were enrolled after taking informed consent. Patients included in the study were known or newly diagnosed diabetics who were admitted to KAMC between 1st and 30th Zil’Hajj.

Results: Of the total 61 patients, 16 were newly diagnosed, (not known diabetic, before), while 45 were known diabetics. Among known diabetics, about 77% patients had poor diabetes control on admission, 72% did not bring glucometer, about 55% received diabetic education before coming to Makkah; 37% were doing SMBG occasionally and only 22% were aware that more frequent SMBG required during illness.

Conclusions: Most people in our study population suffered from poor glycemic control before coming to Hajj. A significant number were unaware of their diagnosis. The most significant risk factor in our study was a lack of knowledge about self-management of diabetes and Hajj specific management.


How to cite this:Hasan G, Moabber H, Alyamani A, Sayeed A, Altatar F. Study on risk factors (predisposing factors) for poor diabetes control during Hajj (1436/2015) in people with diabetes. Pak J Med Sci. 2016;32(5):1092-1096.   doi:

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