Sofosbuvir based therapy in Hepatitis C patients with and without cirrhosis: Is there difference?

Shahid Sarwar, Anwaar Ahmad Khan


Objective: To compare sustained viral response to sofosbuvir/ribavirin ±interferon therapy in patients of hepatitis C with and without liver cirrhosis.

Methods: This observational study of chronic hepatitis C patients was carried out at Doctors Hospital and Medical Center (DH&MC). After diagnostic workup, Sofosbuvir/ribavirin for 24 weeks or sofosbuvir/ribavirin/pegylated interferon for 12 weeks were prescribed. Primary outcome was negative HCV RNA by PCR 12 weeks after treatment completion (SVR12). Chi square χ2 and student’s t test were used to analyze data.

Results: Of 216 patients included, liver cirrhosis was present in 112 (51.9%) patients and 69(31.9%) were treatment experienced. Liver disease was decompensated in 37 (17.1%) patients. Of 206 patient who completed study protocol, 173(83.1%) achieved SVR12, 89.2% (25/28) with triple therapy and 82.2% (148/180) with sofosbuvir/ribavirin therapy. Treatment response was similar between treatment naïve 86.2% (119/138) and treatment experienced 79.4% (54/68) patents. (p value 0.19) SVR12 was inferior in cirrhosis patients 75.4% (80/106) as compared to those with no cirrhosis 93% (93/100) (p value < 0.000). It was even lesser in those with decompensated liver disease 68.8% (24/35) (p value < 0.000).

Conclusion: Treatment outcome with sofosbuvir/ribavirin combination therapy in cirrhosis patients is suboptimal especially in those with decompensation as compared to patients without liver cirrhosis.


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