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Maternal mortality in Faisalabad and Millennium Developmental Goals

Sarwat Ara, Sumaira Tahir, Adeela Rehman


Objective: Maternal mortality remains a great challenge to health systems in developing countries. Reliable maternal mortality rate in Pakistan is not exactly known. The estimated range of maternal mortality is 1901700 deaths per 100,000 live births. Our objective was to find out the maternal mortality rate and its main causes in a tertiary care centre in Faisalabad.

Methodology: This is an observational descriptive study. Maternal death which took place in Gynaecology Unit of Allied Hospital/Punjab Medical College Faisalabad from April 2006 to March 2010 were included in this study. Accidental incidental maternal death, patients with medical and gynecological problems and those beyond 42 days post partum were excluded.

Results: Total of maternal deaths during these four years was 168 in 24667 births with MMR of 6.81/1000. The common causes of maternal deaths were obstetrical hemorrhage in 58(34.5%), hypertensive disorders in 31(18.45%), puerperal septicemia in 23(13%) and unsafe abortion in 20(11.9%). Other direct causes were found in 12 (7.1%) patients. One forty eight (88.09%) patients belonged to uneducated class, 110(65.48%) from rural area whereas 95(56.5%) hadnt received any antenatal care.

Conclusion: High MMR (Maternal Mortality Rate) can be prevented with timely and proper antenatal and post natal facilities.

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