Prognostic value of 2-hour lactate level and lactate clearance for 30-day mortality and comparisonwith trauma scores in multi-trauma patients

Erhan Altunbas, Serhad Omercikoglu, Haldun Akoglu, Arzu Denizbasi


Objective: Trauma scores are prone to misreading. Therefore, a readily available, objective way to estimate the mortality of the trauma patients is needed. We aimed to evaluate the prognostic utility of lactate levels, and clearance for 30-days mortality, and compare with the physiological trauma scores.

Methods: All adult trauma patients (two hundred) admitted to ED were enrolled. Initial and 2-hour serum lactate levels were measured and components of GAP, MGAP, RTS, VIEWS and VIEWS-L trauma scores were calculated.

Results: Final study population was 200 patients with a median age of 33 years. Mortality was 7/200 (3.5%) in 30-days. Both initial (2.3 vs. 7.7 mmol/L) and 2h-lactate (1.7 vs. 8.4 mmol/L) levels were significantly lower, and lactate clearance was significantly higher (23.8% vs. -12.0%) in survivors. Also, the change in the lactate level from 0h to 2h (2.3 vs. 1.7mmol/L) was significant in survivors, contrary to non-survivors (7.7 vs. 8.4mmol/L). VIEWS-L, VIEWS, two hour-lactate level and EMTRAS showed high specificity at the 100% sensitivity cut-offs, therefore, were the most valuable prognostic parameters in this study.

Conclusion: Calculation of 2h-lactate clearance and evaluation of a 2h-lactate level may not be needed to predict long-term mortality if the initial lactate level is below 2.8mmol/L. 


How to cite this:Altunbas E, Omercikoglu S, Akoglu H, Denizbasi A. Prognostic value of 2-hour lactate level and lactate clearance for 30-day mortality and comparison with trauma scores in multi-trauma patients. Pak J Med Sci. 2018;34(3):676-681.   doi:

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