Sealed Duodenal Perforation by nail ingestion in a Child

Fatima Naumeri, Bilal Qayyum, Muhammad Sohaib Yousaf


Unintentional foreign body ingestion is common among children. Normally, these ingested foreign bodies pass spontaneously and the rest can be removed endoscopically; only few ingested foreign bodies lead to complications and need surgical intervention. We are reporting a case of accidental nail ingestion in a 10-year-old child which led to a sealed perforation of duodenum. Operative management included primary duodenal repair after removal of nail. Post operative recovery was smooth and oral was started on day 5. We recommend that all ingested sharp and large foreign bodies should be removed endoscopically, if not passed spontaneously.


How to cite this:Naumeri F, Qayyum B, Yousaf MS. Sealed Duodenal Perforation by nail ingestion in a Child. Pak J Med Sci. 2018;34(3):764-766.   doi:

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