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Large hydatid cyst of ovary

Farzaneh Mohammadi Zia, Seyed Jaber Mousavi


Human Hydatid cyst is a wide spread disease. Its an endemic disease in Iran. Its caused by Echinococcus granulosus. Hydatid cyst although known to occur in most organs and body areas, is extremely rare in the female reproductive organs. This is a case report of ovarian Hydatid cyst in a 42-year-old woman. She presented with feeling of enlargement of abdomen and abdominal pain. On physical examination, a large mass in lower abdomen palpated. On imaging study, ultrasonography reported a large heterogeneous multicystic mass measuring 155*97 mm in pelvic cavity and hypo gastric area. The CT-scan with IV contrast reported a huge cystic lesion, containing multiple septi in pelvic cavity that could be due to ovarian lesion. After surgical procedure, histopathological examination showed typical laminated & germinative layers with hexagonal scolecies of Hydatid cyst.

Since the common sites of hydaid cyst are liver and lung and the imaging studies are highly diagnostic for Hydatid cysts, this illustrated case is interesting for uncommon site, not suggested by imaging studies and with clinical (surgical) impression of malignant ovarian tumor.

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