The biomechanical study of rupture of Achilles Tendon and repair by different suture techniques

Chang-chun Yang, Xiao YU, Zong-hui Guo, You-wei Fu


Objective: To study the biomechanical properties of different suture methods, and to provide evidence for the clinical application of this suture methods in repairing acute Achilles tendon rupture.

Methods: Twenty four  fresh frozen cadaver Achilles tendon specimens were collected and randomly divided into three groups (n=8), Group-A Bunnell suture method, Group-B Bosworth suture and Group-C anchor suture respectively. 5 N tensions were applied to tighten the tendon. The actual length of the tendon between the upper and lower clips was measured with a ruler. The length of the long axis and the short axis of the three  sections of the tendon was measured by vernier caliper. The cross sectional area of the tendon was calculated according to the elliptical area formula and the mean value was obtained.

Results: There was no significant difference in the length and cross-sectional area of each tendon among three groups (F=0.26, P=0.86; F=0.09, P=0.96). There was no significant difference in the maximum load of tendon and failure displacement in Group A and B (P>0.05). The maximal load of Group-C was significantly larger than that of Group A and B (P<0.05), and there was no significant difference between the failure displacement and Group A and B (P>0.05).

Conclusion: Three suture methods can provide good biomechanical properties, but the anchor suture is more effective in solving the shortcomings of traditional methods. It is a safe and effective method, and is worthy of promotion.


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