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Acute Kidney Injury in association with Acute Pancreatitis

Rubina Naqvi


Objective: To report case series of patients with acute kidney injury (AKI) developing in association with acute pancreatitis (AP).

Methods: All patients coming to Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT), who developed AKI in association with acute pancreatitis, were included in the study. AKI was defined with sudden rise in creatinine and decline in urine output with normal size kidneys and no previous co morbid. AP defined as patients with abdominal pain and > 3 times rise in serum amylase and /or lipase and radiology suggestive of AP.

Results: Between 2000- 2017, 24 patients were found to have AKI in association with AP. Among these 13 were female, mean age was 36.875±10.152 years. Oligoanuria was present in 83%, 46% were icteric on presentation, 42% had circulatory failure, 33% had respiratory failure, 17% had abnormal Glasgow Coma Scale. Renal replacement was required in 79% patients. Complete renal recovery was  observed in 54% patients, while 37% died during acute phase of illness. Multi-organ failure showed high prediction of mortality.

Conclusion: Being a tertiary renal care unit only patients with renal failure were referred to our hospital, thus exact prevalence of AKI in AP is not known. Multi organ failure (MOF) has shown high mortality in this case series.


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