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Risk factors for lower respiratory tract infections in children

Ibrahim Silfeler, Ibrahim Cansaran Tanidir, Vefik Arica


Objectives:Acuterespiratorytract infectionsare dividedinto two groups asupper and lower respiratorytract infections. These are very common diseasesin childhood. In this study, we aimed todeterminerisk factors forlower respiratory tractin this region.

Methodology: Three hundredand fifty childrenwho presented at pediatric polyclinicsof our hospital were included inour study. Their examinations, backgrounds,familyhistories and information aboutenvironmentalfactorswere recordedin questionnaire forms.

Results: Lack of vaccination, duration of breastfeeding, onset age of cows milk, family history for asthma and food allergy, number of hospitalized people in the same room, number of people who live in same house and smoking around the children were evaluated for the presence of LRTI, and LRTI risks of these factors were respectively observed as 1.69, 1.71, 1.61, 1.69, 1.20, 1.47, 1.56 and 2.63 fold increased.

Conclusion: Standardization of clinical diagnosis, accurate and realistic use of antibiotics, correction of nutrition, improvement of socio-economic situation and the elimination of environmental factors will significantly reduce morbidity and mortality in children due to Lower Respiratory Infections.

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