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A low Cost Digital Infant Incubator

Ehsan ul Haq, Muhammad Sadiq-ul Rahman, Hassan Javed, Muhammad Sinan Ateeq Khan, Zaid Mahmood Farhat


In modern times the care of new born, especially the premature, the small for dates, or otherwise vulnerable infant has been greatly improved by the invention of the isolette incubator. However the cost of an infant care incubator is prohibitively high for poor and low income countries. We set out to develop an economical machine which should not only have the usual features, but also should have the ability to run, if electrical power fails.Our design required that it should be, safe to use and be run on 12 volt batteries to make it immune to frequent power breakdowns, it should be a sturdy, shock proof and a durable machine. It should have the provision of its own light source to provide for an emergency light for observation of the baby in case of power failure or during transport. Design should be such that it should be easy to repair with conveniently available parts. The design has a microcontroller, at its heart receiving input from Analog to Digital Convertor (ADC). It provides the efficient functional control of temperature and humidity simultaneously. It will send signals to keep the heating and humidity in control at the same time feeding signals to LCD display.The product has turned out to be a very well functioning machine as shown in the figure. The prototype is economical to make and meets our initial aims. But we intend to improve upon it in our next model and make it a commercially viable and a more useful machine.

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