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Abdominal Pregnancy

Naheed Parveen, Roshan Ara Qazi, Raheel Sikandar, Shahneela Memon


Abdominal pregnancy is a rare form of ectopic pregnancy associated with high maternal (0.20%) and perinatal (40-95%) mortality; surprisingly we had three consecutive cases of this condition. Case 1: Was referred from Taulka hospital where the patient presented as, four months gestational amenorrhea with acute diarrhea vomiting and severe anemia. She was treated symptomatically, transfused two units of blood and referred to Liaquat University Hospital with Ultrasound report showing suspicion of abdominal pregnancy. Case 2: Was newly married primipara who presented with four months gestational amenorrhea and severe lower abdominal pain. Ultrasound report showed a complex mass of 8.0cm just below the anterior abdominal wall (over the uterus) with alive fetus. The uterus was empty, so the diagnosis of abdominal pregnancy was made. Case 3: Was a young 19 years old lady, initially admitted in surgical unit as case of acute abdomen with history of five months pregnancy followed by D&C two weeks back by LHV (Lady Health Visitor), they collaborated with gynae unit due to this history. Examination showed septic, tender on palpation, on P/V examination some dry shrunken cord like structure with foul smelling discharge hanging out from vagina, identified a gut loop with uterine perforation. In this case abdominal pregnancy was diagnosed on surgery as ultrasound report could not give the clear picture.All cases were managed with surgical intervention. In first two cases fetuses were delivered alive but non viable, in third case fetus was dead macerated found within abdominal cavity in right side. In first case placenta was removed completely and in second case, it was adherent with adjacent structures not actively bleeding so left in situ and post operatively three doses of injection methotrexate were given. First two cases recovered completely while in third case patient required ICU care after surgery.
Conclusion: All three cases who had different clinical presentations were diagnosed and managed successfully.

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