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Insulin resistance in non-diabetic patients of chronic Hepatitis C

Zareen Kiran, Bader Faiyaz Zuberi, Daniah Anis, Rashid Qadeer, Khalid Hasan, Salahuddin Afsar


Objective: To determine insulin resistance in non-diabetic chronic hepatitis C patients using Homeostatic Model Assessment of Insulin Resistance (HOMA-IR).

Methodology: Patients having anti-HCV positive were included in this study. Patients with diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease, hyperlipidemias, hypercortisolism and infective diseases other than hepatitis C were excluded. Age, weight, height and absence of diabetes were documented. Fasting blood glucose and fasting insulin levels were done. Body mass index and insulin resistance was calculated using the formulas. Patients having insulin resistance using formula HOMA-IR>2.5 were labeled as insulin resistant. Data was analyzed using SPSS-18.

Results: One hundred and fifty five patients according to sample size estimation were enrolled, in whom HOMA-IR was calculated, the mean value was found to be 2.47 ±1.30. A total of 79 (51%) of patients had HOMA-IR more than 2.5 showing insulin resistance.

Conclusion: In a third world country like Pakistan, where there is a high prevalence of hepatitis C infection, the consequences of the disease are also very common. Insulin resistance was found in 51% of patients with chronic hepatitis C.


How to cite this:Kiran Z, Zuberi BF, Anis D, Qadeer R, Hassan K, Afsar S. Insulin resistance in non-diabetic patients of chronic Hepatitis C. Pak J Med Sci 2013;29(1):201-204.   doi:

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