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Dietary misconceptions in Pakistani Diabetic Patients

Syed Tehseen Akhtar, Khalid Mahmood, Iftikhar Haider, Badar Abbasi, Abu Talib, Siraj-Us- Salekeen


Objective: To find out prevalence of various myths regarding diet of diabetics in local population.

Methodology: This was a cross sectional study conducted at diabetic clinic and medical OPD in Civil Hospital Karachi from January 2008 to December 2008. A total of 409 diabetic patients of either gender, age 18 or above who had given the consent were randomly selected. A pretested semi structured questionnaire regarding sociodemographic profile and various dietary myths regarding diabetes were used to get information from the study group.

Result: Out of 409 diabetic subjects 207(50.6%) were male. Average age was 51.6 10.4 years. Most of the participant 397(97.1%) were type 2 diabetics. Large number of subjects 83(20.3%) were either illiterate or had had primary schooling 112 (27.4%). Most of the participants 256 (62.6%) never received any diabetic education. Majority of study subjects 348(85%) believed in special diet for control of blood sugar level while large proportion of study population 335 (81.9%) did not use underground vegetables and same number of participants had strong belief in bitter vegetables as natural remedy. Forty one percent study subjects had myths regarding fruits while 301(73.5 %) said that rice is prohibited. Study population who believed in special diet showed significant p-value (

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