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healthcare system

by Lena Graham (2017-11-17)

As the expert essay writer at in medical studies I think working in the medical industrial complex is abusive to physicians. Period. The abusers are admin and all the third parties, corporate and government, with their rules and regs and EMRs and CPTs. Most of all with their blatant disrespect and outright bullying of physicians. The worst part is that physicians, who should be the captain of the ship, are essentially barred from speaking up. They can't object for fear of being labeled disruptive. They risk being trampled to professional death by the corporate bullies. They've lost their autonomy, have no voice and have become cogs in an oppressive machine.

I've been been baffled for a long time at the disconnect in the mind of those who abuse physicians. They too are patients. We all are, at one time or another. When they are actively abusing physicians, with all the myriad cuts and insults inflicted on doctors every single day, doesn't it ever occur to them that THEIR physician is being abused in just the same way? Don't they want THEIR doctor to be happy, so that he can take good care of them?

The thing is that if physicians would decide to stop participating in the abuse, it would end in an instant. No one is holding a gun to your head. Even with all the arguments one can make that doctors have no choice, at the end of the day, you do have choice. If you leave your abuser, you won't be killed. If all physicians walked away, it would all stop. If one doctor walks away, it would stop for them.