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The most common forms of school assignments:

3. The Interpretation

An interpretation is always based on a given text. This can, for example, a poem, a short story or an excerpt from a book to be. Rhetorical means play a particularly important role in interpretation. In addition, you have to place the point to be interpreted in the overall context. Above all in poems, the temporal aspect should not be ignored: When was the poem written? What political events took place at the time? Where did the author live?

You interpret your interpretation either chronologically or thematically. In a chronological order, you will deal with all linguistic means and other abnormalities in the order as they appear in this text. In the thematic order, you form topic blocks from your key points and work them out one by one. It is important that you not only name the individual points but also always analyze them.

4. The discussion

In a discussion you ask your views on a particular topic is. Either the discussion or free text attached. For both forms, you formulate the main question in the introduction of your essay writer (for example, "Is the Turbo-Abi meaningful?") And discuss pro and contra arguments in the main part. Each argument is initiated with a thesis ("The Turbo-Abi allows for an early career"), strengthened by further arguments and clarified by means of examples. In the key part, you re-examine the specific question posed by the introduction and give your own opinion in a critical statement.

In a text-based discussion, you have a text that deals with a particular question and has several arguments. As with an interpretation, you must filter out and interpret rhetorical means from the text. In addition, you should explain the argumentation of the author in the text-based discussion. Are the theses conclusive and the arguments given are shown with suitable examples? Furthermore, you submit your own arguments and make a personal statement.


5. Characterization

In one characterization you ask a person from a school reading represents. Note here the external appearance, the social situation, certain characteristics of the person, the way of thinking, feelings and dealing with other people. All characteristics that the person exhibits should occur in the characteristic. Quotes can be used to characterize your character. At the end of the essay, you can give your own assessment of the person and, for example, work out the influence of the character on the whole story.