Vol 30, No 6 (2014)

November – December 2014 Pak J Med Sci

November – December 2014 Pak J Med Sci

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Authors- the most dangerous pressure group PDF
Shaukat Ali Jawaid

Original Articles

Mode of coronary revascularization and short term clinical outcomes in patients with chronic kidney disease PDF
Ashique Ali Khoso, Khawar Abbas Kazmi, Saqiba Tahir, Hasanat Sharif, Safia Awan
The significance of tubular and glomerular proteinuria in critically ill patients with severe acute kidney injury PDF
Christopher Thiam Seong Lim, Han Khim Tan, Yeow Kok Lau
The prevalence of musculoskeletal pain & its associated factors among female Saudi school teachers PDF
Abdulmonem Alsiddiky, Algethami Hanan, Ahmed Elaf, Tokhtah Haneen, Aldouhan Jenan
Clinical presentation of children in emergency department diagnosed as Type-1 Diabetes Mellitus PDF
Elif Unsal Avdal, Burcu Arkan, Yasemin Tokem, Medet Korkmaz, Fatma Iltuş Kırbıyıkoğlu
Gestational diabetes mellitus and impaired glucose tolerance in pregnant women PDF
Jinhua Wei, Jianbo Gao, Jinluo Cheng
Restless legs syndrome in end stage renal disease patients on haemodialysis PDF
Irfan Haider, Muhammad Anees, Syed Adnan Hussain Shahid
Effects of zinc supplementation on subscales of anorexia in children: A randomized controlled trial PDF
Roya Kelishadi, Majid Khademian, Neda Farhangpajouh, Armindokht Shahsanaee, Maryam Bahreynian, Mehran Mirshamsi
Pernicious anemia in patients with macrocytic anemia and low serum B12 PDF
Abdulmanea AA, Alsaeed AH, Shaik AP, AlGahtani FH
Burden of neurological illnesses in a pediatric intensive care unit of developing country PDF
Qlab Abbas, Amber Shabbir, Nveed Rehman Siddiqui, Raman Kumar, Anwar Haque
Risk factors of cardiovascular disease in patients with renal transplantation PDF
Hongming Zhang, Xiaoyan Li
Low molecular weight heparin in unexplained recurrent miscarriage PDF
Halide Yuksel, Semra Kayatas, Aysen Boza, Murat Api, Aktug Ertekin, Cetin Cam
Therapeutic effects of segmental resection and decompression combined with joint prosthesis on continuous knee osteoarthritis PDF
Junlai Xue, Changhong Wang, Peng Liu, Xiangchun Xie, Shan Qi
Recurrence rate with use of intraoperative Mitomycin-C versus Conjunctival Autograft following pterygium excision PDF
Quratulain Paracha, Mohammad Ayoob, Zafar Dawood, Sajid Ali Mirza
Abuse potential assessment of propofol by its subjective effects after sedation PDF
Aysu Hayriye Tezcan, Dilsen Hatice Ornek, Onur Ozlu, Mustafa Baydar, Nurcan Yavuz, Nihal Gokbulut Ozaslan, Kevser Dilek, Aylin Keske
Identification of learning needs of patients hospitalized at a University Hospital PDF
Sehrinaz Polat, Selda Celik, Habibe Ayyildiz Erkan, Kamber Kasali
Prognostic role of simplified Pulmonary Embolism Severity Index and the European Society of Cardiology Prognostic Model in short- and long-term risk stratification in pulmonary embolism PDF
Talat Kilic, Hakan Günen, Gazi Gülbas, Suleyman Savas Hacievliyagil, Ali Özer
Detection of osteoporosis by dual energy X-ray absorptiometry PDF
Asad Ullah Makhdoom, Muhammad Qasim Rahopoto, Khaleeque Ahmed Siddiqui, Ghulam Ali Qureshi
Enhancing effect of β-elemene emulsion on chemotherapywith harringtonine, aclacinomycin and Ara-c in treatment of refractory/relapsed acute myeloid leukemia PDF
Cuiping Zheng, Xiaoping Cai, Shenghao Wu, Zhen Liu, Yuejian Shi, Wenjin Zhou
Terbinafin 1% Cream and Ketoconazole 2% Cream in the Treatment of Pityriasis Versicolor: A randomized comparative clinical trial PDF
Fardin Gharibi, Farrokh Rad, Roxana Yaghmaee, Bahram Nik-Khoo
Age and site of Colonic Neoplastic Lesions: Implications of screening in South Asia PDF
Manzoor - Hussain, Abdullah Bin Khalid, Syed Ahsan, Wasim Jafri, Saeed Hamid, Anam Javed, Sana Wahab
Clinical significance of automatic warning function of cardiac remote monitoring systems in preventingacute cardiac episodes PDF
Shouqiang Chen, Shanshan Xing, Haiqing Gao
The effect of intraarticular levobupivacaine and bupivacaineinjection on the postoperative pain managementin total knee artroplastic surgery PDF
Nurcan Yavuz, Vildan Taspinar, Derya Karasu, Aysu Tezcan, Bayazit Dikmen, Nermin Gogus
Depression, anxiety, stress and demographic determinants of hypertension disease PDF
Mamoona Mushtaq, Najma Najam
Eating habits of preschool children and the risk of obesity, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome in adults PDF
Małgorzata Kostecka
Type A and Type B personality among Undergraduate Medical Students: Need for psychosocial rehabilitation PDF
Aliya Hisam, Mahmood Ur Rahman, Syed Fawad Mashhadi, Ghulam Raza
Turkish women’s opinions about cesarean delivery PDF
Rukiye Höbek Akarsu, Salime Mucuk
Association between arterial stiffness and risk of coronary artery disease PDF
Keqin Luo, Xiao-wei Feng, Bing-can Xu, Hui-bao Long
Frequency of pulmonary hypertensionin hemodialysis patients PDF
Kunwer Naveed Mukhtar, Syed Mohkumuddin, Sumbal Nasir Mahmood
High prevalence of protein C, protein S, antithrombin deficiency, and Factor V Leiden mutation as a cause of hereditary thrombophilia in patients of venous thromboembolism and cerebrovascular accident PDF
Nadir Ali, Muhammad Ayyub, Saleem Ahmed Khan
Hemodialysis patients profile at Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi, Pakistan PDF
Huma Mamun Mahmud, Muneer Siddiqui, Babar Bashir, Syed Farman Ali, Akhter Ali Baloch, Mohd Masroor
Diagnostic value of combined parameters derived from ambulatory electrocardiography for detecting coronary artery disease in non-active chest pain patients PDF
Yue Jiang, Jun-Ping Tian, Hong Wang, Bu-Xing Chen, Feng-He Du
Non obstructive coronary artery disease in patients admitted for elective coronary angiography PDF
Muhammad Navaid Iqbal, Masood Rao, Nauman Khan, Rehan Malik, Abdul Nafey Kazi
Contribution of GLC3A locus to Primary Congenital Glaucoma in Pakistani population PDF
Rasheeda Bashir, Mahrukh Sanai, Adnan Azeem, Imran Altaf, Faiza Saleem, Sadaf Naz
Injury incidence and balancein Rugby players PDF
Jaco Ras M, Threethambal Puckree
The effects of Aminophylline on clinical recovery and bispectral index in patients anesthetized withtotal intravenous anaesthesia PDF
Sina Ghaffaripour, Mohammad Bagher Khosravi, Ashkan Rahimi, Mohammad Ali Sahmeddini, Abdolhamid Chohedri, Hilda Mahmoudi, Mohammad Reza Kazemi
Comparative study of alterations in Tri-iodothyronine (T3) and Thyroxine (T4) hormone levels in breast and ovarian cancer PDF
Mahmood Rasool, Muhammad Imran Naseer, Kalsoom Zaigham, Arif Malik, Naila Riaz, Rabail Alam, Abdul Manan, Ishfaq Ahmed Sheikh, Muhammad Asif
Upper extremities and spinal musculoskeletal disorders and risk factors in students using computers PDF
Bilge Basakci Calik, Nesrin Yagci, Süleyman Gürsoy, Mehmet Zencir
Reperfusion times of ST-Segment elevation myocardial infarction in hospitals PDF
Shujuan Dong, Yingjie Chu, Haibo Zhang, Yuhang Wang, Xianzhi Yang, Lei Yang, Long Chen, Haijia Yu
Reliability of the ICD-10 International Personality Disorder Examination (Urdu Translation): A preliminary study PDF
Imran Ijaz Haider, Fatima Bukharie, Fareeha Hamid, Muhammad Ayub, Muhammad Irfan, Farooq Naeem
Development and validation of a convenient formula evaluating the value and applicability of medical literature in clinical practice PDF
Hsiao-Pei Mok, Ying Zhou, Jun-Ru Chen, Qiang Gao
Intravitreal injection of Bevacizumab in diabetic macular edema PDF
Asim Ateeq Khan, Muhammad Ali Tahir, Alyscia Miriam Cheema, Arif Dahri, Saifullah Tareen
Cognitive dysfunction in type 2 diabetes patients accompaniedwith obstructive sleep apnea syndrome PDF
Huanyin Li, Qi Gong, Jinshan Shao, Xueyuan Liu, Yanxin Zhao
Risk factors for persistent airflow limitation: Analysis of 306 patients with asthma PDF
Lingcheng Wang, Shuncui Gao, Wei Zhu, Jun Su
Complicated illegal induced abortions at a tertiary health institution in Nigeria PDF
Maduabuchi Eugene Ikeanyi, Chukwunwendu Anthony Okonkwo
ERCC1, RRM1 and TUBB3 mRNA expression on the tumor response and overall survival of non-small cell lung cancer treated with platinum-based chemotherapy PDF
Hongwei Qiao, Xiaoping Huang, Hua Guo, Yan Liu, Chunyan Yue
Association of ERCC1 rs3212986 & ERCC2 rs13181polymorphisms with the risk of glioma PDF
Qing-ke Cui, Jian-xin Zhu, Wei-dong Liu, Yun-hua Wang, Zhi-gang Wang

Review Article

Energy drinks: Getting wings but at what health cost? PDF
Nahla Khamis Ibrahim, Rahila Iftikhar

Short Communication

The panacea toolbox of a PhD biomedical student PDF
Younis Skaik

Case Reports

Migration of ingested sewing needle from within sigmoid colon to outside of the lumen PDF
Mehmet Nuri Cevizci, Muhammet Demir, Berrin Demir, Ilknur Demir, Omer Kilic
Skin bridging secondary to ingrown toenail PDF
Mehmet Dadaci, Bilsev Ince, Zeynep Altuntas, Haldun Onuralp Kamburoglu, Ozan Bitik
Congenital hypoplasia of first digital ray of hands as an isolated presentation in four subjects PDF
Karmoon Lal, Sara Mumtaz, Attiq-ur Rehman, Maryam Bibi, Zahida Pervin, Sajid Malik


Re: Factors affecting recurrence and progressionof high grade non invasive bladder cancer treated by intravesical BCG PDF
Haichao Huang, Jie Jin, Xin Li
Subject and Author Index 2014 PDF
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