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Bio statement is a fun .io game. If you have experienced, you may know that it is a new online version of the classic arcade Snake game. This game is the next generation that has unique features. Well, we all love more features because that absolutely make these online games interactive than ever!

New features that make it special and attractive

Like most .io games, you should play this game on your computer because the keyboard and mouse are used to control the character's movement. has new features that make it special and attractive. When you progress, you have the opportunity to unlock the ability, similar to what you will in and get more bonus points.

What Strategy players should apply in has fairly simple gameplay and tactics, but the possibilities that can occur in the game are worth discussing here. When you collect a certain amount of orbs, you will be able to unlock the next level in three abilities. First, it's the ability to accelerate what's popular with games. Thanks to this ability, you can rush to your opponent and swallow them. This feature is activated soon after you collect the first orb. Just sacrificing the first one, you will see your character surpass

Determine other objects’ position.

You may be unfamiliar with the next ability, but which is very useful for players. That ability is to stop. As the characters in the game continually move, you may be frustrating when suddenly being. In another case, you want to review and determine other objects’ position.  The duration for each using time is 1 minute, or until you want to play again. You can use this feature many times. When collecting 100 orbs, you completely change them to have that fantastic capacity.

The last possibility is the best. You can become invisible as it becomes advantageous when you accidentally run close to the giant worms. In this case, you need to avoid them. You may feel thrilled and interested in this situation, and if you want to enjoy more game make same sense, check the best free-to-play online adventure games for pc at Manti Games whenever you have free time.
As with the second possibility, it is effective for 1 minute, and of course, you can use it many times in each match. However, the number of orbs in exchange for this latter capacity is higher. 500 orbs for a great feature is worth right?
Now, you know all three of these great possibilities, start your game with flexible and fun-to-use gameplay, and you'll soon reach the final victory. But, first, you need to collect enough orb to unlock all the above features.

Become invisible when accidentally run close to the giant worms.

How to control
The below guides are necessary for you to progress and master quickly. The first control is to move and manage the snake’s movement which seems to be constant. Use your mouse pointer to take your character to any location on the screen. The snake follows your direction. Moreover, the keys will enable all abilities to be used. Pressing Q key, you can apply the boost, and W for stop ability, and E for the last one.
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