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Volume 25

January - March 2009

Number  1


Deficiencies in original articles accepted for publication in Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences: A retrospective analysis
Shaukat Ali Jawaid1, Masood Jawaid2,
Maqbool H. Jafary

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Varicella induced thrombocytopenia in adults
Ali Hassan Abro1, Abdulla M Ustadi2,
Jawahar L. Gangwani3, et al.

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Effects of Tramadol on shivering post spinal anesthesia in elective cesarean section
Fatemeh Javaherforoosh1, Reza Akhondzadeh2,
Kaveh Beh Aein3, et al.

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Prevalence and risk factors of urinary incontinence in Turkish Nursing Homes:
A cross-sectional study
Semra Koca÷z1, Naile Bilgili2, Kafiye Eroglu3
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Recurrent Abdominal Pain in Children
Iqbal A. Memon1, M.N. LAL2, G.Murtaza3, et al.
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The pattern of modulation of short latency reflex linking the pretibial muscles to the
knee extensors during gait in human

Khosro K. Kalantari1, Rhonald H. Baxendale2
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Determination of the attitudes of
Turkish infertile women towards surrogacy and oocyte donation
Selim Kilic1, Muharrem Ucar2, Hakan Yaren3,
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Complications and safety of Percutaneous Dilatational Tracheostomy with Griggs
method versus Surgical Tracheostomy:
A prospective trial with six months follow-up
Kasra Karvandian1, Ata Mahmoodpoor2
Mohammadtaghi Beigmohammadi3, et al.

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Relapsed human brucellosis and
related risk factors

Syed Muhammad Alavi1,
Syed Mohammad Reza Alavi2, Leil Alavi

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Acute poisoning in children
Shideh Assar1, Shiva Hatami2, Elena Lak3, et al.
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Comparison of cardiovascular disease
patterns in two data sets of patients
admitted at a Tertiary Care Public Hospital
in Karachi five years apart
Syed Faraz Kazim1, Ahmed Itrat2,
Naima Waqar Butt3, et al.

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When Antithyroid Drugs must be started in patients with Hyperemesis Gravidarum?
Najafipour Farzad1, Aliasgarzadeh Akbar2,
Aghamohammadzadeh Naser3, et al.

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The validity of Ultrasound in Diagnosing
Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis
Mehdi Alehossein1, Faramarz Hedayat2,
Payman Salamati3, et al.

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Complications of laparoscopic cholecystectomy at Isra University
Hospital, Hyderabad

Waseem Memon1, Tariq Wahab Khanzada2,
Abdul Samad3, et al.

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Effect of Hydroxyurea on Thalassemia
Major and Thalassemia Intermedia in
Iranian Patients
Mehrnoosh Kosaryan1, Koorosh Vahidshahi2,
Hosein Karami3, et al.

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Evaluation of maxillofacial traumatic injuries
of Forensic Medical Center of Ahwaz,
Iran, in 2005
Amir Dibaie1, Shahrokh Raissian2, Siamak Ghafarzadeh3
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Initial experience of laparoscopic
appendicectomy with suprapubic
Camera port

Muhammad Zubair1, Anis Hussain Jaffery2,
Mahmood Yousuf
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A survey on intestinal parasitic infections in patients referred to a Hospital in Tehran
Niyyati M1, Rezaeian M2, Zahabion F3,
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Hyperhomocysteinemia and Bone Mineral
Density: A Case - Control Study
Majid Mobasseri1, Akbar Aliasgharzadeh2,
Zinolabedin Ebrahimzadeh3,
et al.
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Awareness regarding bioethical issues
among the students and faculty of
Hazara University Mansehra, Pakistan
Muhammad Ilyas1, Mukhtar Alam2,
Habib Ahmad3, et al.

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Comparison of the effect of Alcohol 70%
versus dry cord care on cord bacterial
colonization and cord separation time
among newborns

Manigheh Nourian1, Fatemeh Allaii2, Aliehsan Heidari3
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Knowledge, attitudes and behaviors
concerning sun protection/skin cancer
among adults in Turkey
Nursan Dede Cinar1, Sezgi Cinar2,
Ayse Karakoc3, et al.

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Prevalence of Hepatitis-C virus (HCV)
among Thalassemia Patients in Khuzestan Province, Southwest Iran
Mehri Ghafourian Boroujerdnia1,
Mohammad Ali Assareh Zadegan2,
Khoda Morad Zandian
3, et al.
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Diagnostic Accuracy of Alvarado Score
in the Diagnosis of acute Appendicitis
Ayaz Ahmed Memon1, Lubna Mushtaque Vohra2,
Tanvir Khaliq3, et al.

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Breast self-examination as a method of early detection of breast cancer: Knowledge and practice among antenatal clinic attendees
in South Eastern Nigeria
Stephen Onwere1, Obioha Okoro2, Bright Chigbu3, et al. Abstract   |    Full Text   |  PDF  

Infection control practices among Dental Practitioners of Lahore, Pakistan
Syed Akhtar Hussain Bokhari1, Shamta Sufia2,
Ayyaz Ali Khan
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Impact of Rural Medical Care in Remote
Mountainous Region of Pakistan:
challenges and opportunities
A. Rehman Alvi1
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Comparison of post-operative neurological complications between on-pump and
off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery
Mohammad Hassan Naseri1, Bahram Pishgou2,
Javad Ameli3, et al.

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Prednisolone as a new approach for
treatment of HTLV-1 associated polyneuropathy

Nemati Karimooy H1, Derakhshan M2,
Rezaee SA3, et al.
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Reversible acute renal failure due
to Chinese herbs
Shohaib Saad1, Abdulrahman-Al Shaikh2
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Rhabdomyolysis-related acute renal failure
and bi-phasic calcium metabolism
Ramazan Cetinkaya1, Abdullah Uyanik2,
Mustafa Keles3, et al.
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Thoracic spinal epidural mixed capillary-cavernous haemangioma: Case report
and review of literature

HA Chatha1, S Ullah2, F Chan3
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Echinococcal tension pneumothorax
in a pregnant woman
Hasan Ekim1, Meral Ekim2
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