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Volume 26

January - March 2010

Number  1


Percutaneous coronary intervention of
osteal lesions in newly established
tertiary care cardiac hospital
Riffat Sultana1, Nuzhat Sultana2,
Syed Zahed Rasheed3,
et al.
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Changes in Comorbid Diseases in Morbidly Obese Patients Treated by Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding
Ibrahim Sakcak1, Mehmet Fatih Avsar2,
Nihal Zekiye Erdem3, et al.

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Latent tuberculosis infection in individuals
with human immunodeficiency virus infection: Comparison of tuberculin skin test to the
anti TB-IgM antibodies
Seyed Mohammad Alavi1, Mohammad Nadimi2,
Shahram Shokri3, et al.

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Retained Surgical Foreign Bodies:
Can these be prevented?
Champa Sushel1, Tariq Wahab Khanzada2,
 Abdul Samad3

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Prevalence of obesity, abdominal obesity
and the associated factors among a group
of Turkish adults
Nurcan Yabanci1, Ercan Gocgeldi2,
Isil Simsek3, et al.

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Clinical Profile of Newly Presenting Diabetic Patients at the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, Nigeria
Unadike BC1, Akpan NA2, Essien IO3
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Molecular characterization of VP7, VP4,
and NSP4 genes of P[8]G9 rotavirus strains detected in Saudi Arabia: First characterization of Phylogenetic and Sequencing analysis in the Middle East
Ali M Kheyami1
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Assessment of bone age in Kurdish
children in Iran

Ghotbi Nahid1, Afkhamzadeh Abdorrahim2,
Salehi Mohammad Gharib3, et al.

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Frequency of beta thalassemia trait and carrier in Gorgan, Iran
Narges Mirbehbahani1, Azam Jahazi2,
Mohammad Reza Rabie3, et al.

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Postoperative cardiac arrest due to
Cardiac surgery complications
Ahmad Ebadi1, Asghar Ramezani2,
Fakher Rahim3, et al.

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Association of order of birth with Schizophrenia
Moin Ahmed Ansari1, Raza-ur-Rahman2,
Aftab Ahmed Siddiqui3,  et al.

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Short term results of concomitant intranasal administration of Salmon Calcitonin in Intertrochanteric femur fractures operated upon using dynamic hip screw
Nasser Sarrafan1, Seyed Abdolhossein Mehdinasab2, Ahmad Dashtbozorg3,  et al.
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Prevalence of syphilis among patients in a dental clinic in Enugu, Nigeria
Amadi ES1, Ononiwu CE2, Aballa N3,  et al.
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Profile of women who experienced Vesicovaginal fistula due to obstetric
trauma: Results from survey at
Gynecological Surgery Camp 2005
Nusrat Nisar1, Sajida Yousfani2,
Firdous Muntaz3

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Diffusing capacity for lung carbon monoxide (DLCO) in chemical lung injuries due to
the use of mustard gas in the poisoned
soldiers of Iran-Iraq war 2006

Hamid Rouhi1, Forouzan Ganji2
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Redislocation following operations to reduce hip or treating dysplasia in developmental dysplasia of the hip
Saeid Tabatabaei1, Ahmad Dashtbozorg2,
Sharareh Shalamzari3

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Gender effect on the use of modified borg
and visual analog scales in the evaluation
of dyspnea in chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease
Duygu Ilgin1, Sevgi Ozalevli2,
Hayriye Kul Karaali3,  et al.

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Clinical profile of haemodialysis patients
with diabetic nephropathy leading to end
stage renal disease
Zohair Jamil Gazzaz1, Khalid Obeid Dhafar2,
Muhammad Amin Tashkandi3, et al.

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Effects of relaxation and citalopram on severity and frequency of the symptoms
of irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea predominance
Solati Dehkordy K1, Adibi P2, Sobhi Gharamaleky N3
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Prevalence of anemia in pregnant women
and its effects on maternal and fetal
morbidity and mortality
Farzana Rizwan1, Qamarunisa2, Habibullah3, et al.
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Management of combined femoral
artery and vein injuries
Hasan Ekim1, Dolunay Odabasi2
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Prolactin and insulin estimates in
pregnancy with glucose intolerance
Mohammed H. Shalayel1, Mohammed S. Elrobh2,
Saadeldin A. Idris3,  et al.

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The frequency of coagulase negative staphylococci urinary infections with antimicrobial resistance pattern in Rafsanjan
Zia Sheikholeslami N1, Hassanshahi G2
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Knowledge and Attitude of Taxi Drivers on The New Legislation for Smoke-free Taxis: An Occupational Health Perspective
Yildiz AN1, Karadag O2, Gonen MO3,  et al.
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Hyperkalemia as a medical emergency in patients with ESRD on hemodialysis
Zahoor Ahmad1
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Differentiation of Keratoacanthoma from Squamous Cell Carcinoma by Argyrophilic Nucleolar Organizer Region (AgNOR) Staining
Fariba Abbasi1, Zahra Yekta2, Shirin Lotfinegad3, et al.
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Mothersí use of traditional approaches in the treatment of selected child health problems
Nurcan Ozyazicioglu1, Sevinc Polat2, Hatice Bicakci3
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Pancytopenia: Megaloblastic anemia is
still the commonest cause
Tariq Aziz1, Liaquat Ali2, Tahir Ansari3, et al.
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Intravenous Sufentanil and Morphine for
Post-Cardiac Surgery Pain Relief Using
Patient-Controlled Analgesia (Pca) Device:
A Randomized Double-Blind Clinical Trial
Seyed Mostafa Alavi1, Rasoul Ferasat Kish2,
Fariborz Farsad3,  et al.

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Evaluation of dysmenorrhea among women and its impact on quality of life in a region
of Western Turkey
Alaettin Unsal1, Mustafa Tozun2, Gul Aslan3,  et al.
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Identification of recurrent laryngeal nerve during thyroidectomy decreasesthe risk
of nerve injury
Prem Kumar Rathi1, Abdul Razaque Shaikh2,
Gulshan Ara Shaikh3

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Best practice techniques for administration
of injections: Impact of lecture based interactive workshops on training of nurses
Insaf Altun1, Nursan Dede Cinar2,
÷zlem Canpolat Barin3

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Wilsonsí Disease: Various shapes
of one disease
Shaikh Samiullah1, Shaikh Salma2, Shaikh Faheemullah3, et al.
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Frequency of smoking among males and
its impact on the quality of life
Alaettin Unsal1, Unal Ayranci2, Mustafa Tozun3
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Identification of variables affecting infant mortality rate in Eskisehir (Turkey)
Selma Metintas1, Inci Arikan2, Huseyin Fidan3,   et al.
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Safety and efficacy of hyderalzine in hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
Razia Mustafa Abbasi1, Zunaira Shaikh2,
Sumaiya Farooq3, et al.

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Gray scale and doppler ultra-sound in the diagnosis of painless scrotal masses
Zahoor Ahmed Khatri1, Saba Sohail2
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Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of mothers regarding immunization of one year old child
at Mawatch Goth, Kemari Town, Karachi
Nighat Nisar1, Muddasir Mirza2, Majid Hafeez Qadri3
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Clinical and mycological studies of otomycosis
Ali Zarei Mahmoudabadi1, Saied Abdoulhosien Masoomi2, Hamdolah Mohammadi3
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Parental knowledge and mental health in parents of children with epilepsy
Behrouzian F1, Neamatpour S2
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Knowledge, behaviors and health hazard perception among Turkish narghile (waterpipe)-smokers related to narghile smoking
Nuket Paksoy Erbaydar1, Nazmi Bilir2, Ali Naci Yildiz3
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The Incidence of Domestic Violence,
the Causative Factors and their effects
on the family
Handan Zincir1, Fatih Yagmur2, Zeliha Kaya3,  et al.
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Epidemiological pattern of non-fatal
injuries in Iran
Soori H1, Akbari ME2, Ainy E3,  et al.
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Reporting statistics in clinical trials
published in Indian journals: A survey
Jay Karan1, ND Kantharia2, Preeti Yadav3,  et al.
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Nurses understanding about diabetes in a Nigerian Tertiary Hospital
Unadike B.C1, Etukumana E.A2
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Effects of envIronmental tobacco smoke
on the respIratory health of chIldren
Nursan Dede Cinar1, Cemile Dede2
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A comparative analysis of writing scientific references manually and by using Endnote bibliographic software
Ladan Rokni1, Ahmad PourAhmad2,
Mohammad Bagher Rokni
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Ulcerative Cutaneous Metastasis from
Primary Transitional Cell carcinoma
of Urinary Bladder
Mansoor Rafi1, Mutahir Ali Tunio2, Altaf Hashmi3 Abstract   |   PDF

Gorlin-Goltz Syndrome
Atessa Pakfetrat1, Farnaz Falaki2,
Reza Zare Mahmoodabadi3, et al.
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Air pollution and respiratory health:
An evolving epidemic
Muslim Mohammed Al Saadi1
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