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Volume 25

July - September 2009

Number  4


Rational Prescribing
Mahmud Ahmad Akhtar MD, FCPS, FRCP
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Outcome and factors associated with hospital mortality in patients with impaired left ventricular function undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting: where do we stand?
Mubashir Zareen Khan1, Perveen S2, Ansari JA3
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An evaluation of doctors’ prescribing performance in Nigeria
Akoria oA,1 Isah AO2
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Valporic acid: is it safe to use in epileptic pediatric patient?
Abdulbaki Karaoglu1, Sebahattin Vurucu2,
Vedat Okutan3, et al.

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Vitamin-D status in a Population of
healthy adults in Pakistan
Khalid Mahmood1, Syed Tehseen Akhtar2,
Abu Talib3,
 et al.
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Asymptomatic coronary artery disease
in Type-2 diabetes
Shah S. Fayyaz Ahmed1, Saleh Othman2,
Sultan Ayub Meo3

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Open renal approach: comparative analysis
of sub-costal incision versus trans-costal incision with excision of 12th rib
Muhammad Shamim1, S. Abdullah Iqbal2
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Maternal plasma lipid concentrations in
first trimester of pregnancy and risk of
sever preeclapmsia
Akhavan Setareh1, Modarres Gilani Mitra2,
Borna Sedigheh3,
 et al.
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Thyroid function in mothers who gave
birth to neonates with transient
congenital hypothyroidism
Gholamreza Asadi Karam1, Hamid Hakimi2,
Mohsen Rezaeian3, et al.

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The effects of oligofructose and polydextrose on metabolic control parameters in
Type-2 diabetes
Betul Cicek1, Perihan Arslan2, Fahrettin Kelestimur3
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Frequency of HCV infection and its
genotypes among patients attending a
liver clinic and voluntary blood donors in
a rural area of Pakistan
Syed Zafar Abbas1, Muhammad Ali2,
Amtul Husain Muhammad3,
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Assessment of antigravity and postural
control in healthy children in Ibadan, Nigeria
NA Odunaiya1, OM Oladeji2, OO Oguntibeju3
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Allopurinol as an adjuvant therapy for refractory schizophrenia
Arasteh Modabber1, Sanobar T. Najmedin Pharm D2
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Prevalence of Hepatitis B and C infection in patients admitted at Tertiary Eye Care Centre: A Hospital based study
Sameen Afzal Junejo1, Nisar Ahmed Khan2
Arshad Ali Lodhi
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Disease pattern of patients utilizing X-ray services in Benin-city, Nigeria
Ogbeide OU1, Akhigbe AO2 , Okojie OH3
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Improving outcome in pediatric intensive
care unit in Academic Hospital in Pakistan
Anwarul Haque1, Surraiya Bano2
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Total antioxidant status in women
with breast cancer

Isam Hamo Mahmood1, Kassim Salih Abdullah2, Mohammed Salih Abdullah
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Risk assessment of hexamethylen diisocyanate and Hexamethylene diamine
in the Polyurethane factories
Mirtaghi Mirmohammadi1, M.H. Ibrahim2,
 A. Ahmad3, et al.
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Early prediction of severity and outcome
of acute severe pancreatitis
S. Sagheer Hussian Shah1, M. Ali Ansari2, Shazia Ali3
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Comparative Study of Aminoglycosides (Gentamicin & Streptomycin) and Fluoroquinolone (Ofloxacin) Antibiotics on
Testis Tissue in Rats: Light and Transmission Electron Microscopic Study
Arash Khaki1, AmirAfshin Khaki2,
Sohrabihaghdost Iraj3, et al.

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Clinico-Pathological study of abdominal hysterectomies
Riffat Jaleel1, Ayesha Khan2,
Nargis Soomro
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rK39 enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
for the diagnosis of Kala-azar in an endemic
zone of Bangladesh
M. Abdus Salam1, Dinesh Mondal2, Mamun Kabir3, et al.
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Comparison of the efficacy and safety of Chlorpromazine with Verapamil for the
treatment of acute opioid abstinence
Munawar Alam Ansari1, Zahida Memon2,
Shahida P. Ahmed3, et al.

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Malaria morbidity in Sindh and the
Plasmodium Species distribution
Ghulam Murtaza1, Iqbal Ahmed Memon2,
Abdul Rauf Memon3, et al.

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Necropsy request behaivour of clinicians:
A study from a university teaching hospital
in Nigeria
Agboola AOJ1, Izegbu MC2, Oyebadejo TY3
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The prevalence of nasal carriagemethicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in
hospitalized patients

Rezvan Moniri1,Gholam Abbas Musav2,
Nafiseh Fadavi
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Disseminated intravascular coagulation
in Abruptio Placentae
Yasmeen Khooharo1, Fayaz Ahmed Memon2,
Khursheed Jhan Noorani
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Erythrocytic Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Activity in Diabetic Patients
Homaira Rashidi1, Maryam Shafiei2,
Reza Hamidian
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Factors that can be attributable to radiation
dose reduction among pediatric age group undergoing brain computed tomography
Nariman Nsoor1
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What Turkish women know about
emergency contraception?

Muruvvet Baser1, Salime Mucuk2,
Evrim Bayraktar3, et al.

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Complications in transfusion–dependent
patients of ß-thalassemia major: A review
Sara Malik1, Serajuddaula Syed2,
Nisar Ahmed
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Broad ligament haematoma following a
vaginal delivery in primigravida
Nelofar Saleem1, Habiba Sharaf Ali2,
Asma Irfan3 et al.

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The Antley-Bixler Syndrome: A Case
Report and Result of Radiohumeral
Synostosis Resection
Seyed Abdolhossein Mehdinasab1, Nasser Sarrafan2,
Omid Jangjoo3l.

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A report of three cases with thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) secondary
to an Occult gastric adenocarcinoma

Mohammad Forat Yazdi1, Zahra Hashemian2,
Hossein Nazmieh3,
et al.
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SHORT Communication

Dilemma in the Diagnosis of Mediastinal Adenopathy in the South Asian Population-
Role of CT Guided Biopsy, Mediastinoscopy
and Video-Assisted Thoracoscopy (VATS)
Marium Muzaffar1, Hashim M Hanif2,
Saulat H Fatimi3

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Thyroidectomy under ketamine anaesthesia
in a semi urban hospital in Nigeria
SO. Elusoji1, PE Iribhogbe2, Osime OC3
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Tetralogy of fallot in down syndrome
(Trisomy 21) – An uncommon association
AKM Mamunur Rashid1, Biswajit Basu2,
Md Mizanur Rahman3

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