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Volume 24

October - December 2008 (Part-I)

Number  5


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Knowledge and Risk assessment of diabetes mellitus
at primary care level: A Preventive approach required
combating the disease in a developing country

Nighat Nisar1, Iftikhar Ahmad Khan2,
Majid hafeez Qadri3, Syed Azam Sher4


Objective: To assess knowledge about diabetes mellitus and to assess risk of behavioral and environmental factors among non-diabetics attending primary health care centers of Gadap town, Karachi.

Methodology: A Cross-sectional study was conducted at Primary health care centers, Gadap Town, Karachi, during the month of July 2005. Data was collected from four primary health care centers, located at Gadap Town, Karachi, and 198 non-diabetic patients, above 18 years of age, and resident of Gadap Town, coming consecutively during study period were enrolled in the study. Knowledge was assessed and risk assessment scoring was performed according to the guidelines of American Diabetic Association. Using SPSS version 11 data was analyzed, frequencies were calculated and p-values were determined to find associations between the variables.

Results: Knowledge regarding cause, sign and symptoms and complications was found lacking. Practices regarding diet and life style were also found unsatisfactory. About 27% individuals were found obese and 11% were overweight and on risk assessment score 44% were found at high risk, 38% at low risk of developing diabetes mellitus. Gender male, education and urban residence showed significantly better knowledge regarding diabetes but scored more on risk assessment scale due to poor dietary habits and lack of physical activity.

Conclusion: Proportion of non-diabetics coming to primary health care centers were prone towards diabetes mellitus on risk assessment scale. Their knowledge was found lacking. However males, educational status and urban residence came out significant variables having better knowledge. The proportion of individuals found high risk and low risk needs further screening for diabetes and health education regarding diabetes mellitus required in these areas.

KEY WORDS: Knowledge, Diabetes mellitus, Risk factor.

Pak J Med Sci    October - December 2008 (Part-I)    Vol. 24 No. 5    667-672

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Nisar N, Khan IA,Qadri MH, Sher SA. Knowledge and Risk assessment of diabetes mellitus at primary care level: A Preventive approach required combating the disease in a developing country.. Pak J Med Sci 2008;24(5):667-72.

1. Dr. Nighat Nisar,
Associate Professor,
Department of Community Medicine,
Sindh Medical College
Dow University of Health Sciences,
2. Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed Khan,
General Physician,
Al- Mansoor Hospital Taif,
Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia,
3. Dr. Majid Hafeez Qadri,
Assistant Professor,
4. Dr. Syed Azam Sher,
Senior Lecturer,
3,4: Faculty Health Management,
Baqai Medical University,
Karachi Pakistan.


Dr. Nighat Nisar,
3-G, 6/3, Nazimabad No-3,
Post Code: 74600,
Karachi- 18, Pakistan.

* Received for Publication: December 26, 2007
* Revision Received: July 1, 2008
* Revision Accepted: July 3, 2008


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