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Psychometric analysis of Anatomy MCQs in Modular examination

Zia ul Islam, Ambreen Usmani


Objective: To analyze the psychometric indices of Anatomy question items in modular system assessment.

Methods: A quantitative study was done to determine the quality of MCQs and to analyze the performance of 1st year 100 MBBS students. Each module covers different subjects of MBBS curriculum but psychometric analysis was done on the subject of Anatomy only. The assessment results of 3 modules were taken and checked by item analysis to see the mean differences between the modules using ANOVA. Post hoc analysis was determined by using Tukey HSD test.

Results: A total of 140 one best (OB) Anatomy MCQ items were calculated for difficulty index, discriminatory index and reliability. Difficulty index was found to be higher in module I when compared with module II and III. Discriminatory index comparatively showed higher results in module II whereas reliability of module III was significantly higher than the other modules. Results were considered to be significant with p-value ≤0.05.

Conclusions: The psychometric analysis of Anatomy MCQs showed average difficulty, good discrimination and reliability.


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