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How to use Siri on iOS Devices

by Lucia Mandela (2019-05-14)

Siri is a great voice assistant for  Apple users. You can easily use either on your iPad or iPhone and even on Apple Watch or Mac. If you do not know about all the things that you do for you and all the relevant, this blog will guide you with the same.

Here’s how you can use Siri on iPad or iPhone:

iPhone and iPad users – who own iPhone 4S or recent, iPad Pro or mini, iPad 3 or newer, or 5th or 6th-generation iPod touch – can easily use Siri through different ways. Here are the best ways:

1. If you have got a Home button in your iOS device, hold the button to access Siri.

2. You can use the control button on the earphone and hold it down for using Siri as well.

3. Give the voice command “Hey Siri” to open.

It is essential to have a working data connection for using Siri though. When Siri prompts on the screen, the background will blur, and you will hear a dedicated Siri sound and the message ‘What can I help you with?.

A wavy white line will appear on the bottom section as well. Make a dedicated request through your voice and Siri will get back to you with an ideal answer.

How to access Siri on 2018 iPad Pro or iPhone XS

As the X-series iPhones come with no Home button, you will have to try the different method to open Siri. It is applicable on the 2018 iPad Pro models also. Here how you can use:

1. You can try opening Siri by holding down the Side button, which also refers as the power button or sleep/wake button.

2. Or, use the control button on earphones and hold it down for opening Siri.

3. Speak “Hey Siri!” on your device to open.

If you desire to access Siri on the Apple Watch, either give the “Hey Siri!” voice command or open Siri by pressing and holding the digital crown.

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