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Volume 26

July - September 2010

Number  3


National Bioethics Committee Guidelines
For Healthcare  Professionals interaction
with Pharma trade and industry

Shaukat Ali Jawaid1, Maqbool H. Jafary2,
Farid Khan3, et al.



Anticipated specialties and influencing
factors among final year medical
students in a Nigerian University
Omokhoa Adedayo Adeleye 1, Godson Ugwoke Eze 2
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Frequency of vaccination and exposure
to needle-stick sharp injuries among a
group of nurses in Turkey: A Meta
regression analysis

Nedime Kosgeroglu1, Unal Ayranci2,
Fezan Sahin3, et al.

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Risk factors, mortality and recovery of Stroke: A prospective study on
1000 Patients
Shaheen Ahmed Mughal1, Hasan Aziz 2
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Management of penetrating heart
and accompanying lung injuries

Hasan Ekim1, Halil Basel2, Dolunay Odabasi3, et al.

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Sodium nitrite-induced hypoxic injury
in rat hippocampus
Zeenat Fatima Zaidi
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Role of intravenous immunoglobulin in
iso-immune jaundice in neonate
Faten AL-Awaysheh1, Mona Kuwar2,
Raeda AL-Ghananim3,  et al.

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The development of migration in
laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding
and the approach to treatment
Sakcak Ibrahim1, Avsar Fatih Mehmet2,
Cosgun Erdal3, et al.

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Association between Helicobacter pylori seropositivity and Hepatic Encephalopathy
Ramin Behroozian1, Maryam Faramarzpur2,
Ezat Rahimi3

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The effects of delivery in water on
duration of delivery and pain compared
with normal delivery
Soheila Akbari Torkamani1, Farahnaz Kangani2, Fatemeh Janani3
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The relationship of visfatin with measures of obesity in patients of diabetic nephropathy
Nosheen Mahmood1, Qamar Jamal2,
Abdul Manan Junejo3

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Results of chemotherapy by UKCCSG protocol in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia: Clinical characteristics
and outcome
Pedram M1, Fathi A2, Hiradfar AA3
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Frequency of different types of paediatric ocular trauma attending a tertiary care pAediatric ophthalmology department
Sorath Noorani 1, Jamshed Ahmed 2,
Aurangzeb Shaikh 3,
 et al.
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Study on HLA-DQB1*03 allele
associated with women human papilloma
virus (HPV) lesions
Abdollahi Fard S1, Solmaz Ilkhchoui2,
Reza Ghotaslou3, et al.

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Abdominal body fatness among Nigerian women: A study on the anthropometric
index of waist-to-stature ratio
DT Goon1
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Transabdominal repair of Vesicovaginal Fistula: An experience of 27 cases
Mohammad Zarin 1, Mansoor Khan 2,
Mujeeb–ur-Rehman 3,
et al.
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Serum Copper concentration in
Neural Tube Defects pregnancies in
Gorgan-Northern Iran: A case control study
Mohammad Jafar Golalipour1, Azad Reza Mansourian2, Abbas Ali Keshtkar3
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Surgical outcome of 7-millimeter bilateral medial rectus recession in large angle
child esotropia
Sameen Afzal Junejo1, Arshad Ali Lodhi2,
Munawar Alam Ansari3

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School-based physical activity intervention improves the physical fitness of the
adolescent girls and their mothers
Hamideh Salimzadeh 1, Davoud Shojaeizadeh 2,
Tahereh Pashaee 3, et al.

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Changing practice of rectal cancer
surgery in Pakistan
Abdul Razaque Shaikh1, Ambreen Muneer2,
Zameer Hussain Laghari3

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Clinical study of Candida vaginitis in
Ahvaz, Iran and susceptibility of agents
to topical antifungal
Ali Zarei Mahmoudabadi1, Mahin Najafyan2,
Maryam Alidadi3

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The standard of informed consent in
elective surgery - An observational
study from a tertiary healthcare facility
Muhammad Tayyab1, Mahmud Aurangzeb2
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Antibiotic resistance pattern of
staphylococcus strains isolated from
orange and apple juices in Shahre-kord, Iran
Sharafati-chaleshtori R1, Sharafati-chaleshtori F2, Karimi A3
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Attitudes towards menstruation
among young women
Farhana Anjum1, Nishat Zehra2,
Gulfareen Haider3, et al.

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The cognitive dysfunctions of multiple sclerosis: Do we face from the early terms?
Nilufer Cetisli Korkmaz1, Levent Sinan Bir2,
Emre Baskan3,  et al.

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Knowledge, attitude and practices regarding sleep and sleep hygiene among patients presenting to out-patient and emergency room services at a Teaching Hospital in Karachi
Waris Qidwai1, Maryam Baqir2,
Syed Muhammad Baqir3, et al.

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The detection of Eagle’s Syndrome with Three-Dimensional Multidetector Computerized Tomography (CT)
Koksal Yuca1, Serhat Avcu2, A Faruk Kiroglu3, et al.
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Association of demodicosis with
acne rosacea
Tas Cengiz Z1, Hasan Yilmaz2,
Necmettin Akdeniz3
et al.
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Histopathological grading and staging in liver biopsies of Hepatitis-C patients and their association with ALT levels
Shuja Izhar Syed1, Saleem Sadiq2
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Seroprevalence of rubella and
cytomegalovirus in nursing students
Hakan Uslu1, M Hamidullah Uyanik2,
Reva Balci Akpinar3,
  et al.
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Food Safety Knowledge and the Safe Food Handling Behaviours of Female and Male Consumers
Nevin Sanlier1
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Infective endocarditis among hospitalized intravenous drug user patients in the
south west of Iran
Seyed Mohammad Alavi1, Fatemeh Behdad2
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Frequency, maternal and fetal outcome of abruptio placenta in a rural Medical College Hospital, Mirpurkhas Sindh
Qamarunisa1, Habibullah Memon2, Muhammad Ali3
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Association of increased triglyceride
levels in metabolic syndrome with
coronary artery disease
Mehmet Rami Helvaci1, Hasan Kaya2,
Mehmet Gundogdu
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Morphological study of Pathological
Lesions seen in Pleural Biopsies
Jawaid Hussain Memon1, Saleem Sadiq2
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Determination of sociodemographic characteristics and etiological factors
of suicide attempters
Fatih Yagmur1, Cavusoglu M2,
Ramazan Karanfil3, et al.

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Local experience of management of
infantile spasms and its treatment:
A retrospective study of ten cases
Arif Herekar1
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Assessment of medical home care
needs in Turkish population
Saime Sahinoz1, Turgut Sahinoz2,
Hasan Huseyin Eker3, et al.

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Quality of life in pregnant women
results of a study from Kashan, Iran
Abbaszadeh Fatemeh1, Bagheri Azam2, Mehran Nahid3
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Evaluation of menopausal women’s
attitudes towards menopause in Shiraz
Ebrahim Ghaderi1, Masumeh Ghazanfarpour2,
Masumeh Kaviani
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Labour pain and the development of
mother-infant interaction in
Turkish mothers
Fatma Guducu Tufekci1, Hava Ozkan2,
Serap Ejder Apay3

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Renal cell carcinoma extending into the
inferior caval vein: Report of two cases

Halil Basel1, Ilhan Gecit2, Dolunay Odabasi3, et al.
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Hyponatremia – A rare and emergency presentation of Sheehan’s Syndrome
Singhania P 1, Singh S 2, Banerjee R 3,
 et al.
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Transverse colon volvulus:
Case report and review of literature
Nidal Younes1, Mahmoud I Al-Ardah2
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Brucellar spondylodiscitis in
the cervical region
Omer Evirgen1, Murat Altas2,
Ramazan Davran3,  et al.
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Eosinophilic cholecystitis:
An infrequent cause of cholecystectomy
Kamran Ahmad Malik.
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Gastric Maltoma: A case
report and literature review
Akinbami AA1, Durojaiye IO2, Oshikomaiya BI3,  et al.
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Meige,s syndrome
Nastaran Majdinasab1, Majid Keyhanifard2,
Mahyar Yosefkhah3, et al.
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Screening of gastric cancer in
liver transplantation patients:
A case report and review of literature
Abuzer Dirican1, Bulent Unal2, Nuray Bassulu3, et al.
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Megaloblastic Anemia Patient admitted
with Pancytopenia and Walking Difficulty
with normal Vitamin B12 and MCV Levels
Osman Yokus 1, Ozlem Sahin Balcik 2,
Murat Albayrak 3
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An audit of cases admitted in the
children emergency ward in a
Nigerian tertiary hospital

George IO1, Tabansi PN2

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Comparative Study of Some Haematological Parameters in Abo Compatible and Non Compatible Maternal Foetal Gestation
Oseni BSA1, Akomolafe OF2
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Bacterial contamination of
Hospital Telephones

Alireza Abdollahi1, Saeideh Mahfouzi2
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