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Volume 25

April - June 2009 (Part-I)

Number  2


Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences:
Internal audit and self analysis for
the Year 2008

Shaukat Ali Jawaid
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Hematological and biochemical changes
in typhoid fever
Ali Hassan Abro1, Ahmed MS Abdou2,
Jawahar L. Gangwani3, et al.

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Long-term clinical outcome after implantation of second-generation bare-metal stents
Keyvan Yousefnejad1, Safoora Masoumi2
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The effects of consecutive supervised
stability training on postural balance in
patients with chronic low back pain
Noureddin Karimi1, Ismaeil Ebrahimi2,
Kamran Ezzati3, et al.

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Belief in prayers and its role in healing
among family practice patients visiting a teaching hospital in Karachi, Pakistan
Waris Qidwai1, Rumina Tabassum2,
Raheela Hanif3,
et al.
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Effects of passive smoking in the work place on expiration air Carbon Monoxide (CO)
and Carboxihemoglobin (COHb) levels: Results of a survey in Turkey
Nurhan Meydan Acimis1, Mehmet Bostanci2,}
Ahmet Ergin3, et al.

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Prevalence of obesity and metabolic
syndrome in adolescent girls in
South East of Iran
Zinat Salem1, Reza Vazirinejad2
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Is there a correlation between subjective global assessment and food intake, anthropometric measurement and
biochemical parameters in nutritional assessment of haemodialysis patients?

Habibe Sahin1, Neriman ›nanÁ2, Dilek Katrancż3, et al.
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Fixation and unfixation of Folley catheter
in cesarean section, a comparative study
Mojgan Barati1, Mohamad Jafari R2, Moramezi F3
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Study of enterococcal susceptibility
patterns isolated from clinical specimens
in Tabriz, Iran
M.T. Akhi1, F. Farzaneh2, M. Oskouei3
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Chest Trauma Management: Good
outcomes possible in a general surgical unit
Muhammad Laiq uz Zaman Khan1, Jahanzaib Haider2, Shams Nadeem Alam3, et al.
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Transvaginal sonography and cervical
length changes in normal pregnancy
Mohamad Jafari1, Najafian M2.
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Neonatal Septicemia in Gaza City Hospitals
Abed El Hakeem Noman El Jadba1,
Mansour Sobhi El Yazji2

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Hyperglycemia and mortality in critically
ill patients
Mohammad Reza Rezvanfar1, Mohsen Dalvandy2,
Ali Reza Emami3,

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Effect of Exhausting Exercise and Calcium Supplementation on Potassium, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc and Calcium Levels in Athletes
Vedat Cinar1, Abdulkerim Kasim Baltaci2,
 Rasim Mogulkoc
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In vitro interactions of miconazole with sulfametoxazole against candida species
Majid Zarrin1, Mahmoud Jamshidian2,
Mohammad Jafari
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Double-blind, randomized, clinical trial of topiramate versus sodium valproate for the treatment of bipolar disorder in adolescents
Paria Hebrani1, Fatemeh Behdani2,
Ali Akhoondpoor Manteghi
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Frequency of HLA-B27 antigen in Iranian patients with brucellosis and itís relationship with osteoarticular complication
Seyed Mohammad Alavi1, Mohammad Said Seraj2,
Arash Etemadi3, et al.
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Prevalence and types of sexual dysfunction amongst female with diabetes mellitus
Unadike BC1, Eregie A2, Ohwovoriole AE3
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Assessment of some potential risk factors
of postpartum depression
Tashakori A1, Shanesaz A2, Rezapour A3
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Spectrum of benign breast diseases
Tariq Wahab Khanzada1, Abdul Samad2, Champa Sushel3
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Influence of commiphora mukul resin on
the knee articular cartilage of rats in experimental osteoarthritis induced
by iodoacetate
Mahsa Hadipour-Jahromy1, Reza Mozaffari-Kermani2,
Fatemehsadat Nobakht
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To compare the relapse rate of artesunate
with tetracycline and quinine with tetracycline
in uncomplicated falciparum malaria
Ali Taj1, Muhammad Ashraf Sharif2, Asad Mahmood3, et al.
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Extended spectrum Beta - Lactamase
(EBSL) in E.coli isolated from a tertiary
hospital in Enugu state, Nigeria
Iroha IR1, Adikwu MU2, Esimone CO3, et al.
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Frequency of steatosis and its relation with the grade of fibrosis in patients with Hepatitis C
Samiullah Shaikh1, Memon Sadik2,
Baloch Ghulam Hussain
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Myocardial protection by Ethyl-Isopropyl amiloride, a specific Na+-H+ exchange
inhibitor, following Hemorrhagic Shock
Mona Soliman1, Abdul-Majid Al-Drees2
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Outcome of hyperthyroidism treated
by radioactivE iodin
Abdulrahman Abdulmohsen Al-Shaikh1
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Evaluation of validity of Alvarado scoring
system for diagnosis of acute appendicitis
Behnam Sanei1, Mohsen Mahmoodieh2,
Mehrdad Hosseinpour
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Pattern of upper Gastaro Intestinal
malignancies in Northern Punjab
Durrani AA1, Nayyar Yaqoob2, Shahid Abbasi3, et al.
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Bony complications of chronic sinusitis
M. Masud Ul Haq1, Shahid Hussain2
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Properties and antimicrobial activity of
Apis Dorsata
honey From Thailand
Chanpen Chanchao
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Knowledge of and attitudes toward complementary and alternative medicine
amongst medical students in a
Turkish medical school
Selim Kilic1, Recai Ogur2, Hakan Yaren3, et al.
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Sternalis: A Clinically Important Variation
Walid Abbas Zaher1, Hasem Hasan Darwish2,
Ahmed Magzoub Elhag Abdalla3, et al.

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Giullain Barre Syndrome
associated with Brucellosis
Mohammad Barzegar1, Maryam Shoaran2
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Selenium: its potential role in male infertility
OO Oguntibeju1, JS Esterhuyse2, EJ Truter3
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Special Communication

Teaching experience and reflection
Saleema Gulzar1, Shahid Shamim M2, Catherine Lobo3
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